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ProactiveHealth® Lifestyle Medicine Approaches for Stress Relief and Immunity Enhancement are a big benefit to many industries. The ones we focus on predominately are:

  • Senior Living Facilities

  • Professional Businesses that Cater to Employees Health (especially those with work out centers)

  • Therapeutic Recreational Facilities

Details related to several teams in these industries are detailed on page below.



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How Our Programs Help Numerous Industries

ProactiveHealth® BENEFITS

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Senior Living Leadership Teams

Active older adults demand innovative programs for enhanced health and vitality. Residents are a captive audience and deserve activities beyond bingo and balloon toss that will improve their immunity.


  • We Certify your in-house staff as Group Leaders for ProactiveHealth® Skills Programs

  • We Authorize your in-house caregivers as one-on-one Coaches for residents

  • We offer Service Agreements to License our ProactiveHealth® Skill Programs


Senior Living Residents

ProactiveHealth® Skill activities attract independent health-engaged older adults

Lifetime learning… knowledge and proactive skills for real health improvements

Residents feel relaxed and energized with our joyful health promotion skills

Active ingredients of gentle and effective Asian mind-body practices


Life Enrichment Activity Professionals

ProactiveHealth® Skill Programs contain evidence-based mind-body activities

Proven to prevent illness… enhance self-care to reverse chronic conditions

Gentle movements… full rhythmic breathing… calm focused awareness

Presentation options… session storyboards… dialogs… flashcards


Therapeutic Recreation Directors and Coaches

ProactiveHealth® Skill group activities offer proven therapeutic improvements

Purposeful outcomes meet therapeutic goals for stress management; exercise;

wellness as identified by American Therapeutic Recreation Association


Staff Wellness Programs

Caring leaders will provide ProactiveHealth® Wellness Programs for all staff associates

Certified ProactiveHealth® Skill group leaders can conduct staff wellness sessions

Evidence-based enjoyable activities create a healthier happier caregiving staff


Senior Living Activity Directors affirm the benefits of our purposeful ProactiveHealth® mind-body

activities. The therapeutic outcomes of our program segments help meet the challenge to manage

the rise of high-acuity care residents. They suggest corporate-wide implementation. Innovation and Wellness Directors at corporate level have authority to implement and license activity programs.


Executive Directors of Senior Living Communities and Skilled Nursing Facilities all aspire to have

healthier happier residents and staff. They agree with all the observations and request modules

designed for ProactiveHealth® Wellness Programs to attract and retain high-quality professional staff


Marketing Directors recognize competitive sales appeal of purposeful aspects of ProactiveHealth®

approaches. They request evidence-based health benefit information for prospective residents.

They want to present ‘open house’ demonstrations to attract younger higher-functioning prospects.


Therapeutic Recreation Directors advocate corporate continuing education for ProactiveHealth®

Certifications for therapeutic recreation staff. Our purposeful program outcomes meet goals of ‘older adult recreation interventions’ for exercise, relaxation, stress management, sensory stimulation and wellness training as identified by the American Therapeutic Recreation Association.


Activity outcomes for the alleviation of chronic conditions help mitigate the need to hire more staff

assist infirm residents. The ROIs for ProactiveHealth® staff certification and licensing fees offer

a strong financial incentive for enhanced management of the upsurge in high-acuity residents.

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