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Our quality products include the:

Optimal Osteotapper®



Osteotapper® Gentle Rattan to stimulate Interstitium lymph flow for Silken Strength® / Self-applied soothing brushing for enhanced lymphatics thru limbs and torso.


Osteotapper® Brisk Bamboo Reed for self-applied tapping on bones of arms; legs; hips; torso

Gentle osteogenic loading; vitality enhancement; site-specific strengthening of bone tissues Custom designed and constructed with durable fabric bags for carrying and safe storage.

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We Create

ProactiveHealth® PRODUCTS

Proactive Heath.png


ProactiveHealth® activity programs can be combined sensor-based health monitoring technology


Optimal Osteotapper® - MEMS micro-accelerometer sensors attached to Osteotapper® measure the tapping pulsations along with lateral force vectors and pressure applied to the point of application.

MEMS sensors are wirelessly linked with smart devices to analyze and store data. System e

personal coaching tips, data logging and feedback to optimize ProactiveHealth® vitality outcomes.


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