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There are 3 ProactiveHealth® Programs that were designed as Lifestyle Medicine Approaches for Stress Relief and Immunity Enhancement. These Self-Care Mind-body Programs contain Skills to Prevent Illness and protect from Seasonal Viruses. The programs are for all ages with an emphasis on seniors and active individuals wanting to be proactive towards adverse health conditions by use of natural ways to keep the body in motion. The 3 Programs are:

Move Breathe Smile®
Silken Strength®

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Our Uniquely Designed

ProactiveHealth® PROGRAMS

Proactive Heath.png


ProactiveHealth® Skills Ignite Stress Relief / Immunity Enhancement / Bone Vitality


Move Breathe Smile®

Stress Relief with gentle flowing moves Transform Stress into Vitality with full deep rhythmic breathing creating a Proven Relaxation Response that regulates blood pressure and reverses hypertension.


Move ◊ Slow spiraling moves… natural wave-like patterns… mindfulness in motion

Breathe ◊ Deep full inhalations… prolonged slow exhalations… coherent wave-like flow      

Smile ◊ Scans for awareness of body sensations… conscious perceptions


Silken Strength®

Immunity Enhancement… Lymph flow filters toxins

Stimulation of Interstitium… Suppleness… Lessens Inflammation

Spiraling moves… Self-applied gentle tapping-brushing


Silky Interstitium is supple unitary structure throughout our body

Lymph move thru 600 Lymph Nodes to filter pathogens and destroy harmful viruses

Lymph moves with gravity… stretchy squeezing… feathery self-massage… deep breaths



These sequences build Bone Vitality… site-specific bone strengthening

Self-applied laterally directed osteogenic loading… sides of arms… legs… torso

No impact on joints… helps circulation thru bone tissues… alleviates osteoporosis


The Osteotapper®

Osteotapper® sets available… exclusively with our Osteotap® Program

Guidelines for effective use… precautions… ages nineteen to ninety-five

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